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PG&E Central Coast Seismic Network operated by Pacific Gas and Electric Company


Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) operates a diverse seismic instrumentation program for monitoring seismic activity throughout its territory in California. The primary purpose of the program is to provide access to earthquake data by PG&E engineers and seismologists for rapid response to earthquakes that affect PG&E's critical buildings and facilities. PG&E currently has 85 strong motion instruments; 13 at dams, 24 at substations, 22 at power plants, and 20 in buildings. Of the 24 substation instruments, 11 are owned and maintained by the California Geological Survey (CGS) as part of a partnership with PG&E. In addition PG&E has 20 weak and strong motion instruments that comprise the Central Coast Seismic Network (CCSN), located along the south-central CA coast. CCSN data are streamed to PG&E-San Francisco for analysis and shared with the USGS Menlo Park where it is integrated with other data from the Northern California Seismic Network (NCSN).

Network Code: PG

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