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High Resolution Seismic Network

Operated by the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, the High-Resolution Seismic Network (HRSN) is an array of borehole instrumentation deployed in the Parkfield area, with the goal of monitoring microseismicity on the San Andreas fault. For current HRSN network information as well as individual station pages, please see the Berkeley Seismological Lab's HRSN pages.

BP (HRSN) Information Directory, including

Data access
The HRSN has evolved over time, with different recording systems and the addition of new stations in 2000-2001. Data since March 2001 are available in SEED format.

Several tools provide access to SEED format data at the NCEDC, both in terms of querying the archives and allowing data requests.

Help on using these tools is available.

Older data: Older waveform and catalog location data are available as an assembled data set. Please see the information on accessing older HRSN data for complete information on HRSN waveform and catalog data.