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Note (4/9/2015): The ANSS Comprehensive Catalog (ComCat), a newer and different ANSS catalog, contains earthquake source parameters (e.g. hypocenters, magnitudes, phase picks and amplitudes) and other products (e.g. moment tensor solutions, macroseismic information, tectonic summaries, maps) produced by contributing seismic networks. This comprehensive collection of seismic information will eventually replace the ANSS Composite Catalog hosted by the Northern California Data Center; however, historic regional seismic network catalogs have not yet been fully loaded into the ANSS Comprehensive Catalog.

Use the form below to search the global earthquake ANSS Composite Catalog. Help with the form is available. Feel free to visit the earthquake maps and lists as well.

Acknowledge the NCEDC

Cite the NCEDC:

"NCEDC (2016), Northern California Earthquake Data Center. UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. Dataset. doi:10.7932/NCEDC."

Acknowledge the NCEDC:

"Waveform data, metadata, or data products for this study were accessed through the Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC), doi:10.7932/NCEDC."

Please use these statements in your publication acknowledgments.

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When you use data from the ANSS Comprehensive Catalog, please provide a proper acknowledgement of the data source.

Questions, Comments, and Feedback

We encourage you to contact us with questions,comments and feedback concerning the ANSS catalog. You can contact us via email at