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NCSN data available in SEED format

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November 11, 2004 

The NCEDC is very pleased to announce the availability of NCSN event waveform data in SEED format.

As a result, NCSN waveform data recorded since 3/1984* and associated metadata are now available through NCEDC tools such as:

In the near future, the NCSN event data will also be also be available with its SEED channel names through:

During 2003-2004, the NCEDC and NCSN finalized the CUSP-to-SEED channel mapping for the NCSN waveform. All of the hardware tracking and response information has been entered into the NCEDC database for the sites operated by the NCSN. Complete SEED responses for all of those data channels are now available from the NCEDC.

Additional work is required to collect, assemble, and verify the the instrument responses for data channels recorded by the NCSN at shared stations from contributing networks such as CA DWR, UNR, and SCSN. Until we have the correct instrument responses from the contributing networks, the NCEDC will provide a minimal SEED response that identifies these channels only as digital counts with unity gain so that timeseries data for these channels can be distributed in SEED format.

Completion of the NCSN SEED data coversion project has been a long, hard process. This project would not been completed without significant effort from USGS personnel Fred Klein, Gray Jenson, Bob Somera, Will Kohler, and David Oppenheimer and BSL/NCEDC personnel Doug Neuhauser and Stephane Zuzlewski. We are very grateful for their contributions to this project.

The NCSN waveform archive consists primarily of earthquakes recorded and processed by the USGS CUSP system for the period 1984-2004. Earthquakes detected by systems other than the CUSP system result in phase and catalog entries at the NCEDC, but without waveforms. Waveforms should be available at the NCEDC for earthquakes with following range of NCSN event ID#'s:

         1  -30,999,999 
60,000,000 - 69,999,999

In addition to these event triggers, continuous data from the broadband stations operated by the NCSN are also available. The NCSN continues to perform Q/C on historic waveform data. If you find an event in the above range without waveforms, please send email at the address below.

The NCEDC is a joint project of the University of California, Berkeley and the USGS. Please send us email at or fill out our comments form if you have questions or comments about these changes.