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NCEDC archives continuous BDSN data for the 2003/12/22 San Simeon Earthquake

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January 28, 2004 

The NCEDC has archived 7 days of continuous high frequency data from
the BDSN network for the days surrounding the magnitude 6.5 San Simeon
Earthquake of December 22, 2003.

The NCEDC normally archives continuous 20 Hz and lower data channnels (BHx,
LHx, VHx, and UHx) as well as triggered high-rate (HHx and HLx) data channels
from the BDSN (BK network) broadband and strong motion instruments. However,
in response to users' interest in this earthquake and the possibility of
induced seismicity elsewhere in other areas, the NCEDC had archived continuous
data from all data channels for the entire BDSN network for the 7 days period
spanning 2003/12/21 - 2003/12/27 (2003.355 - 2003.361).

Due to an extended telemetry problem at Parkfield, some of the data
channels from the PKD station may be either missing or available in
triggered mode during this time.

The NCEDC is a joint project of the University of California, Berkeley and
the USGS. Please send us email at or fill out our comments form
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