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Minor Data Formatting Error Corrected at the NCEDC

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November 23, 2002 

November 23, 2002

On November 23, 2002, the NCEDC discovered a minor data formatting error in some the MiniSEED and SEED data for days 2002/11/17 through 2002/11/23 (days 2002.321 through 2002.327).

The error is not serious, and does not affect any data values. A "reserved field" in the SEED data record that should be blank was erroneously set to the NULL value.

If you have any retrieved any SEED data from the NCEDC for this this timeperiod, we suggest that you re-retrieve this data from the NCEDC. As of 2002/11/23,16:15 PST, all of the erroneously formatted data has been fixed at the NCEDC.

The NCEDC apologizes for this error. Please contact
Doug Neuhauser if you have any questions.

The NCEDC is a joint project of the University of California, Berkeley and the USGS. Please send us email at or fill out our comments form if you have questions or comments about these changes.