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New 2.5 TeraByte Mass Store

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April 1, 1999 

February 1, 1999

The NCEDC has upgraded its mass storage system for seismic and geophysical data sets to a 2.5 TeraByte storage system.

With funding from the USGS and BSL, the NCEDC purchased in mid-1998 a DISC jukebox which with capacity for 500 magneto optical (MO) platters, a small AIT tape jukebox, and the SAM-FS Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) filesytem software. The initial DISC configuration housed two 2.6 GByte MO disk drives, and was upgraded in spring 1999 to four 5.2 GByte MO drives and 5.2 GByte media. The DISC jukebox in its current configuration can store up to 2.5 TBytes of data.

Data stored at the NCEDC is automatically written to both the MO disk platters for near-online storage and to the 25 GByte AIT tape system. The AIT tapes are removed from the jukebox when full and stored at an offsite facility.