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New facilities at UC Berkeley

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February 1, 1999 

February 1, 1999

On February 1, 1999 the NCEDC completed its move into the newly renovated space in McCone Hall along with the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL) on the UC Berkeley campus. This move brings all of the NCEDC operations back to a single site.

During the previous one and a half years, a portion of the BSL and NCEDC operations were relocated to temporary quarters elsewhere on of campus in order to facilitate the extensive seismic retrofit and programatic renovations of McCone Hall. In particular, the newly-acquired mass storage system was located in the temporary quarters.

The new facilities in the BSL provide a unified computer server room, UPS and emergency generator power for computers, networking equipment, and air conditioning, and 100 Mbit switched networking amoung the NCEDC computers, BSL computers, and 100 Mbit network connection to the core campus routers which provide the Internet connection to the NCEDC.