Connection Type Connection Description Ping Query Address Port Time
HTTP Google 80 0
HTTP UC-Berkeley 80 0
CORBA IRIS nameserver 6371 0
CORBA Berkeley nameserver 6371 0
EventDC Berkeley BDSN     - -1 0
NetworkDC Berkeley     - -1 0
SeismogramDC Berkeley     - -1 0
SeismogramDC Berkeley DART     - -1 0

So, what does all of this mean?

The Table

For each of the rows in the table, Wily runs out and says can I get to you(Ping) and do you have any data(Query). For the various DHI servers the IRIS nameserver is used to resolve their locations, so if it's down, so are the DHI objects.

Update Results and Reinitialize Tests

The Update Results and Reinitialize Tests links control Wily's querying. Update Results reloads the page to see the results of the current set of tests. If you click Reinitialize Tests, Wily forgets everything it knows about the servers and runs its tests again. It doesn't reinitialize more than once a minute, so feel free to click away.

USC Seismology Program IRIS Consortium

Wily, the software, was developed at the University of South Carolina under IRIS funding.

Version: 1.0