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Survey-Mode GPS data

An effort is underway to catalog and distribute survey-mode GPS data collected in the western United States, primarily in northern California. This includes a dataset of over 6000 occupations collected in 1992-present by the USGS/Menlo Park in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Alaska. Currently, we have made approximately 98% of these data files available, after verifying the consistency of the raw, RINEX, and scanned log sheets, defining monument identifiers that are unique within the NCEDC system, and creating data holding records describing the files for use in the GPS Seamless Archive Centers (GSAC) project. Similar efforts are planned for other high-precision GPS datasets that have been collected by NGS, Caltrans, and other university, government, and commercial agencies.

Station Information

Data Access
Receiver data, both raw and RINEX 24-hour files, and site information are available from the Northern California Earthquake Data Center using FTP. The raw and RINEX data files are in day-of-year directories. See hints for using FTP to retrieve data in compressed or uncompressed format.