Quanterra Users Group

1999 Quanterra Users Group Meeting

1999 QUG Meeting

This year's Quanterra Users Group was held on December 10-11, 1999 (Friday and Saturday) at the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA. The dates were chosen in order to allow people attending AGU on Dec 13-17 to combine travel to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please Register for the 1999 QUG Meeting using our online web form if you plan to attend the meeting.
If you plan to attend the meeting, you should make hotel reservations as soon as possible. A map of downtown Berkeley shows the location of the hotel, surrounding streets, and it relationship to the UC Berkeley campus.
List of Registrants:
You may check the current list of registrants to see who will be attending the meeting.


This is the current version of the 1999 QUG proposed agenda. Please send additions, comments, or suggestions to Doug Neuhauser.

Minutes of the 1999 QUG Meeting

The minutes of the 1999 QUG meeting are available to all attendees and Quanterra users, thanks to the effort of Caryl Peterson at USGS/ASL.

Meeting location

The QUG1999 meeting was held in room 575 McCone Hall on the UC Berkeley campus. McCone Hall is located on the northern edge of the Berkeley campus, and is just south of the intersection of Hearst Ave and Euclid Ave.

McCone Hall is a 15 minute walk from the hotel, and houses the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, the Department of Geology and Geophysics, the Department of Geography, and the Earth Sciences library. An online UC Berkeley campus map shows the location of McCone Hall (in section B4). The BART station can be found in section C1, and the hotel is just off the map near section D1.


Rhett Butler (IRIS) and Joe Steim (Quanterra) graciously offered to host a dinner on Friday evening. We have arrangements for a relatively early dinner on Friday evening (6 pm) at a nearby restaurant.

How to get to QUG1999

If you are flying to Oakland, there are shuttle buses that provide a connection to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), which has a stop (Berkeley) at Shattuck and Center Streets in Berkeley, just a block or 2 from the hotel. A map of downtown Berkeley shows the location of the hotel, surrounding streets, and it relationship to the UC Berkeley campus.

If you are flying to San Francisco, you will need to take a shuttle to Berkeley or to San Francisco, and then use BART to get to Berkeley. See the online SFO Quickaid travel info for details.


If you have questions about the Quanterra Users Group, you may contact Doug Neuhauser at the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.
Doug Neuhauser			University of California, Berkeley
doug@seismo.berkeley.edu 	Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
Phone: 510-642-0931		207 McCone Hall # 4760
Fax:   510-643-5811		Berkeley, CA  94720-4760
BSL Administrative office: 510-642-1884