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The UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory operates a network of seismometers in northern and central California. The Berkeley Digital Seismic Network is an array of high-dynamic range, broadband seismometers. Data from these instruments are transmitted continuously to UC Berkeley for processing and analysis. Using this form, you may create a seismogram for the station and channel of your choice (Thanks to Southern Arizona Seismological Observatory at the University of Arizona for sharing this software!)

Select a station
You may choose from the list of available stations below. (See this map of northern and central California for station locations.) Occasional telemetry problems may mean that one station or another is unvailable for viewing. If you encounter a problem with this form, such as the "No match" error message, try requesting a different station.

Many of the BDSN stations have recently been upgraded. While these stations continue to send data in real time, our "quicklook" and "make your own seismogram" programs are not yet updated for compatability with these changes. Please check back soon to see seismograms from all of our BDSN stations again.


Select a channel:
Choose between long-period or broadband channels. A plot will display 24 hours of long-period data or 1 hour of broadband data.

Long period channels - good for viewing distant earthquakes
LHZ (vertical) LHN (north-south) LHE (east-west)

Broadband channels - good for viewing local earthquakes
BHZ (vertical) BHN (north-south) BHE (east-west)

Specify the desired time period:
You may specify up to 1 hour for broadband channels, and up to 24 hours for long period channels. Time is specified in Universal Time (UTC) which is PST + 8 hours. If you not enter a starting date, it will default to 1 day ago for long-period channels, and 1 hour ago for broadband channels. If you do not specify the ending date, it will default to maximum allowable time for the selected channel.

You may wish to refer to a list of recent events in northern and central California or a list of recent events worldwide in order to view specific earthquakes.

Beginning date,time UTC ( e.g. 2005/07/25,09:30:00 )

Ending date,time UTC ( e.g. 2005/07/25,10:30:00 )

Plotting parameters:
These "defaults parameters" should be reasonable for most plots.

Compression factor.

Amplitude scaling.

Pixels between adjacent output traces.

Submit request or start over:
Depending on your request, the program may need to fetch data from the Northern California Earthquake Data Center archive, requiring a few moments before your seismogram is rendered.

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